The Agreement on cooperation and joint activities of MFA and the “Together for Youths – Prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić” Foundation was signed today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The agreement was signed by Minister Selaković and the president of the foundation’s Board of Directors, prof. dr Danica Grujičić.

The agreement establishes cooperation and determines the forms of joint activities aimed at improving the position of young people in Serbia and dispersion.

In a practical sense, this includes the organization of various educational activities and cultural manifestations, scholarships for talented young people, with special emphasis on projects for the return of young people from abroad and stimulating the stay in Serbia.

One of the basic functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to maintain constant ties with citizens of Serbia abroad, and this agreement will enable more intensive activities with young people in the diaspora, as well as cooperation on the foundation’s biggest project – the Open World international youth summit.